Mindat.org Conference 2014 Madagascar
28 May 2014 - 13 June 2014

Workshops - 16-17th July

"Mineral Photography" - Jeff Scovil (USA)

Jeff Scovil is a world-renowned mineral photographer, his work can be seen in virtually every major mineral magazine (he is Associate Photographer for both The Mineralogical Record and Rocks and Minerals magazines.)

Jeff will be explaining how to take good mineral photos. You will need to bring your digital camera (Digital SLR cameras or small compact cameras are all fine), tripod and lighting.

You should also bring at least one mineral to photograph (of course, you can buy minerals from our dealers at the mineral shows.)

The workshops will cover all techniques of mineral photography, from basic camera settings, to equipment, lenses, lighting and backgrounds. Jeff will also work with you to help you get the best out of your equipment.

Note. The number of places in this workshop is limited. Book early to guarantee your place.

"Mindat.org Workshop" - Jolyon Ralph (UK)

Jolyon Ralph created the mindat.org website in 2000, which relies on the contributions and input from the mindat.org community. This workshop will show you how to get involved, how to add information, photos and references, our rules for entering data and how to avoid the common mistakes that some contributors make. New functions that allow upload of single or multiple images, for example from a mobile phone, will be publicly demonstrated for the first time.

The workshop will also explain how the management process of mindat.org works, how your changes are verified, approved, how to raise problems with management and how they are resolved. The workshop will also demonstrate some "power features" of mindat.org that make it easier for regular contributors to add and review content relating to their areas of interest.

It will be helpful (but not essential) if you bring your own laptop (with WiFi access) to the workshop.